FX Insight Gets Started on FXOpen Forum Again

FX Insight forum contest is getting more and more popular among the Forex traders. That is why this competition is regularly held by FXOpen within the ForexCup project.  

Yesterday, 19th August, the results of the contest “FX Insight. Test your luck! Hit the mark! (GBP/JPY on 17.08.2013)” were summed up. According to the contest statistics, 67 forum users tried to guess the GBP/JPY closing price for the specified date i.e., 17th August. Two of them – wahidsu and Torn were lucky to suggest the most precise variant. Both traders were as close as 3 pips to the desired price value. In the end they were awarded with US$30 credited to their FXOpen accounts.

Today we invite everybody to join the next FX Insight contest. All the participants can win US$30 upon the condition that their variant of GBP/AUD closing price for 30th August 2013 (server time) is the most accurate. The registration in the competition is open until 27th August. You can join and place your bet* right now!   


Test your luck with FXOpen forum contest!


*Important! Your actions must be fully compliant with the rules of the contest otherwise, your application may not be accepted.