Join the new Forex School March competition!

ForexCup invites you to join Forex School March - a free trading competition for demo accounts! The next round of the contest will be held between March 27th and April 7th, 2017. The contest will determine the top 20 lucky traders who will receive real money prizes (100 USD each) and will be admitted to the 18th round of Forex Finals - a trading competition on live accounts (April 10th - May 5th, 2017).



10 things you should know about Forex School

  • Participation is free
  • Dates: March 27 - April 7, 2017
  • Registration: March 15 - April 2, 2017
  • Prize fund: 2,000 USD
  • Initial deposit: 100 USD
  • Winners and reward: the 20 best traders get 100 USD* each
  • Requirements: the initial deposit must to be increased by at least 30% and the minimum quantity of trades is 10.
  • Locking: allowed
  • EAs: allowed
  • Maximum number of trades opened at the same time (including pending orders): 100
  • Minimum number of trades: 10
  • Margin Call / Stop Out: 100% / 50 %
  • Account type: demo (competition) ECN.


1. a prize-winner of the contest who wishes to participate in further rounds of Forex School must skip one contest; 
2. one contestant can get into the top-20 winners and receive a prize no more than twice.


* Please note that 100 USD are not withdrawable. You can only use this money as a fee to join the Forex Finals competition. For more information about the next round, see the Forex Finals thread on our forum

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