Results of Forex School Contest Announced

"Forex School"—a free trading contest for demo accounts—ended on September 27. For four weeks, more than 700 participants were actively competing for the prize money of 4,000 USD.

So, we have received the results of the contest and present the winners to you:

  1. Account number: 3041842; balance: $852.1; prize: $600;
  2. Account number: 3041405; balance: $769.44; prize: $400;
  3. Account number: 3041464; balance: $73; prize: $400;
  4. Account number: 3041517; balance: $680.81; prize: $200;
  5. Account number: 3041728; balance: $679.25; prize: $200;
  6. Account number: 3041782; balance: $677.12; prize: $200;
  7. Account number: 3041480; balance $666.83; prize: $200;
  8. Account number: 3041589; balance: $664.03; prize: $200;
  9. Account number: 3042071; balance: $652.52; prize: $200;
  10. Account number: 3041705; balance: $649.3; prize: $200;
  11. Account number: 3041820; balance: $641.01; prize: $200;
  12. Account number: 3041952; balance: $633.74; prize: $200;
  13. Account number: 3041577; balance: $620.49; prize: $200;
  14. Account number: 3042002; balance: $614.78; prize: $200;
  15. Account number: 3041793; balance: $83; prize: $200;
  16. Account number: 3041452; balance: $94; prize: $200;

We congratulate the winners of "Forex School"!

Please note that the prize money will be added to the winner's investment account. This money is not withdrawable and can only be used for opening a PAMM STP account. All PAMM accounts opened by the winners will automatically be eligible to take part in a new contest on live PAMM accounts that started on September 30.

How to get the prize and take part in the "Money Managers" contest:

  1. Open an investment account in My FXOpen. Account currency: USD.
  2. Send its number at [email protected]. The prize will be added to your investment account only after you send an email with the necessary data.
  3. After getting the prize, you need to open a PAMM STP account and an offer. You can learn how to do it by clicking the links specified below. It is prohibited to hide all statistic data of your PAMM account (while opening a PAMM account, all checkboxes must be checked).
  4. Leave a request for the participation in "Money Managers" contest specifying your nickname and your PAMM account number in the contest thread. Please, make sure you leave your feedback in the "Forex School" thread on the forum. Here you can also discuss the results of the contest.

Useful links: