Tour XIV of "Forex Finals" Starts October 24

The contest "Forex Finals" is gaining momentum: Tour XIV of the regular competition on live accounts is at hand. It starts on October 24 to last for four weeks. Upon its completion, the organizers – FXOpen and ForexCup – will determine and reward the best participants with money prizes. The main winner gets a PAMM STP with 1,000 USD to manage.


What you should know about Tour XIV of "Forex Finals"?

1. Dates: October 24 – November 18, 2016;
2. Prize fund: 1,400 USD;
3. Winners` reward:
 • 1st place – PAMM STP with 1,000 USD; 
 • 2nd place – 200 USD;
 • 3rd place – 100 USD;
 • 4th place – 50 USD;
 • 5th place – 50 USD.

Important! To be eligible for the prize, you have to fit the minimal profit requirement of 20% and the minimal trading volume of 0.5 lots per tour.

4. Initial deposit: 100 USD on STP;
5. Trading restrictions: none. Any trading instruments available on FXOpen STP accounts, any trading strategies, Advisors (AEA, MEA, etc.) and any other standard MT4 software applications are permitted;
6. Registration: open from October 13 and throughout the competition. You don`t have to get registered again if you already participated in one of the previous tours.

In the course of the tournament, participants are permitted to add or withdraw money from their accounts. Please note that the profit will be calculated based on the fund transfers. Money withdrawn before the end of the tour isn`t considered profit. If the participant adds extra funds, his/her profit will be calculated as the final amount of money earned less the sum of all added funds.


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