Tour XVII of Forex Finals Starts on March 6th

As the Forex market is gaining momentum after a slack period around New Year and Christmas, we are launching the 17th tour of Forex Finals. The contest gives the participants the chance to further master their Forex trading and analytical skills. The competition starts on March 6th and will run until March 31st. At the end of the contest the top traders will be awarded money prizes. The winner of the competition will receive a PAMM ECN account with 1000 USD in it.

This is the second-to-last tour in the 3rd this series of Forex Finals contests. Do not miss your chance to become the manager of a PAMM account. Good luck in trading!



What you should know about Tour XVII of "Forex Finals"?

1. Dates: March 6-31, 2017;
2. Prize fund: 1,400 USD;
3. Rewards:
 • 1st place – PAMM ECN with 1,000 USD;
 • 2nd place – 200 USD;
 • 3rd place – 100 USD;
 • 4th place – 50 USD;
 • 5th place – 50 USD.

Important! To be receive the prize, you must make at least 20% profit and the minimum trading volume of 0.5 lots per tour.

4. Initial deposit: 100 USD on an STP account;
5. Trading restrictions: none. We allow any trading instruments available on FXOpen STP accounts, any trading strategies, Advisors (AEA, MEA, etc.) and any other MT4 add-ons;
6. Registration is already open and will remain open throughout the whole competition. If you participated in one of the previous tours, you're already signed up for Tour XVII, no need to register again.

During the tournament participants can add or withdraw money from their accounts. All your deposits and withdrawals will be taken into account when calculating profit. Money withdrawn before the end of the tour will be excluded from profit. If the participant adds extra funds, his/her profit will be calculated based on the total amount of deposited funds.


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