​Encouraging Interview with FX Market Masters August Winner

Today halfway through FX Market Masters October we present you an interview with the FX Market Masters August Winner as an encouragement to keep fighting for the prizes and bonuses as well as a proof that anyone can do it.

The contest winner is Mr. Shi Zhou Jiang who got the main prize – FXOpen PAMM account with US$1,020 as a deposit and a bonus. Now he shares his success story and tells us about his plans and aspirations.

FX Market Masters August Winner - The Interview

1. First, tell us a few words about yourself.

My name is Shi Zhou Jiang; I was born in a small village in China. Currently I work as a full-time driver.

2. How long have you been trading Forex? Do you have a “success story” of your own?

I have been trading in demo accounts for many years, but I haven’t tried live trading yet. Finally I was lucky to get such an opportunity.

3. What is Forex trading for you? A full-time occupation, a source of additional income, or just an exciting hobby? Do you trade in a real account? Are you successful in it?

I am only a part-time trader, while driving is my full-time job. Forex trading is not a source of additional income yet, so it is more of a hobby. I did not have a real account before. Now since I won a PAMM account, I hope I will be successful and will bring my investors large profit.

4. How did you learn about ForexCup contests?

I’ve come across the information about the ForexCup competitions on one of the Forex-related sites.

5. How many contests did you part in? Have you ever won? Did you see any improvement in your trading skills since you joined ForexCup competitions?

 I took part in several ForexCup competitions. However, the results were not satisfying, but I feel that I’m improving my trading skills with each ForexCup contest.

6. What pros and cons of ForexCup competitions can you mention?

There are multiple advantages of ForexCup contests. I believe every member of ForexCup family prefers ForexCup for their personal reasons.

7. How did you decide to join FX Market Masters? Did you dream about getting FXOpen PAMM account or did you want just to test yourself?

I came to a decision to join FX Market Masters August as the entry fee was rather small. I started trading after the competition had already launched. 

8. Did you have a particular strategy or did you make your trading decisions on the spot? Which trading instruments did you use?

ForexCup contests offer 50 trading instruments, but I find one special, but I particularly like New Zealand Dollar.

9. Did you feel that you would be the winner at the end of the contest?

No, not really. At the end of the contest, I was not quite sure I were the winner, but it turned out to be true.

10. Will you take part in the other ForexCup contests? What can you say about the project following your win in the FX Market Masters?

I will definitely keep on participating in the ForexCup competitions to polish my trading skills.

11. Could you please give some advice to Forex newbies?

I don’t think my advice would be of great use since I’m just a trader in making. First, I have to improve my own set of skills before offering pieces of advice. 

We once again congratulate Mr. Shi Zhou Jiang and hope his trading in PAMM-account will be as successful as his performance in the FX Market Masters August.

ForexCup team wishes good luck to everyone in October round of the FX Market Masters!