FX Market Masters November Winner: Forex Enlivens Being

The winner of FX Market Masters November is a regular ForexCup contests leader, Viktor Kostrikin.

The winner’s strong performance ensues from more than 10 years of trading experience and competing in various Forex competitions. Consistency in winning trading contests highlights Viktor’s competence and shows his professionalism. Hopefully, the acquired experience will help Viktor manage FXOpen PAMM Account.

FX Market Masters November Winner - Viktor KostrikinIn the following interview, the winner speaks about his Forex background, preferences in trading instruments and gives valuable pieces of advice.

1. First, tell us a few words about yourself.

My name is Viktor and I’m 71 years old. I’m retired now, but I used to work as a constructing engineer.

2. How long have you been trading Forex? Please, share your success story.

I’ve been trading since I went into retirement 11 years ago.

3. What is Forex trading for you? A full-time occupation, a source of additional income, or just an exciting hobby? Do you trade in a real account? Are you successful in it?

Forex trading enlivens being a lot. A trading contest is like a sports tournament.

4. How did you learn how to trade on the Forex market? Did you read professional literature and articles on FX strategies or attend Forex seminars?

I did not attended any kind of FX seminars. I learned trading through trial and error.

5. Do you have a particular strategy? What trading instruments do you usually use?

I prefer USD/JPY currency pair and therefore I follow Japanese news closely.

6. How did you learn about ForexCup contests? What pros and cons of ForexCup competitions can you mention?

I came across the ForexCup site on the internet.

7. How many contests have you joined? Have you ever won? Have you seen any improvement in your trading skills since you discovered ForexCup?

I’ve participated in many contests and I’vebeen among the ForexCup leaders 5 times. 

8. How did you decide to join FX Market Masters? Did you dream about getting FXOpen PAMM Account or did you want to challenge yourself?

I believe every trader that participates in contests should make it an aim to win.

9. Did you feel that you would be the winner at the end of the contest?

When I turned out to be one of the front-runners, I felt like the right man in the right place

10. Could you please give some advice to Forex newbies?

As an experienced and so to say battle-seasoned trader, I can share some insight:

  • Don't lapse into despair. Recover immediately and start analyzing what and why you did wrong.
  • Follow both economic and political news.
  • Choose your currency pair and learn everything about it – make this trading instrument your strong suit.

We thank Viktor for such an interesting interview. We hope that in the upcoming ForexCup competitions the emerged market master will give the participants a run for the prizes.

Next round of FX Market Masters starts in January 2015. Before the year runs out you can compete in the “Scalping Virtuoso-15” contest. Registration is open till December 17, 2015.