Interview with the "CryptoMania" Winner

ForexCup has recently launched a new interesting competition - "CryptoMania" that has become a hit. The main peculiarity of this contest was the ability to use cryptocurrency pairs as trading instruments considering that cryptotrading is a relatively new direction in Forex. And we were happy to see that a number of traders joined the tournament.

The ForexCup team was watching the competition process with impatience and anxiety. The main intrigue was who'd become the winner - a trader with some experience in cryptotrading, or a trader, making his first steps with cryptocurrencies.

Finally, we've got the winner - Odianosen Okosun from Nigeria! He demonstrated outstanding results and took the lead! We are happy to present a brief interview where the main prize-holder shares his impressions and reveals some secrets of his trading success.

1.  Please tell us a few words about yourself.

My name is Odianosen Okosun. I am a 36 year-old engineer from Nigeria. I'm married; I enjoy playing lawn tennis and working out.

2.  Do you have a long experience in trading? How did you start at Forex and move on?

I started trading Forex 6 years ago. I read different materials on Forex trading and tried to learn from my mistake.

3.  Do you think you are a successful trader?

Every trader has won and lost at least once. By God's grace, I can call myself a successful trader.

4.  Do you trade in a real account? 

Sure, I have a real account - that's what makes a Forex trader. I prefer trading Gold and Silver most.

5.  Do you spend on trading much of your time? Is it a hobby, a full-time job or a passion for you?

Forex is a good source of profits and it has already become a passion for me.

6.  How do you develop your skills? Do you set any goals you want to achieve?

I practice alongside studying various Forex-related materials. I try to learn from my losses. 

7.  Do you enjoy Forex contests? How often do you take part in them?

I really enjoy participating in such competitions and do that very often.

8.  What pros and cons of ForexCup contest can you point out at? What would you change?

Well, honestly, I have nothing to say here. I am totally satisfied with this project.

9.  Let’s pass to the Crypto trading. How long have you been trading such tools like Crypto currency pairs? How did you learn about them?

Actually, this is my 1st experience with crypto currencies. I learnt about them at Forexcup though they seemed really strange in the beginning.

10.  What is your general attitude to Crypto being largely promoted these days? What do you think about its future?

Well, I believe, the future of Crypto is not so bright as that of commodities and traditional Forex currency pairs - it's not that fast to profit on cryptotrading.

11.  Do you have a real Crypto account?

Yes, I do.

12.  How did you decide to join "CryptoMania?" Did you intend to win or just get some useful experience?

Every trader hopes to win and get some useful experience alike. That was my aim as well.

13.  Did you like the contest rules and the format in general? What would you like to change?

Personally, I wouldn't change anything at all.

14.  Did you prepare any strategy for the contest? How did you behave? Did you follow the results of other contestants? Please, share the way you spent the competition time.

Since I'm not conversant with crypto currencies I used only candlestick patterns in trading. And, to be honest, I didn't follow other contestants’ results - I focused on my trading instead.

15.  What financial instruments did you use in the "CryptoMania" contest? Which crypto currencies do you like most of all? Which of them do you use in everyday trading?

It's definitely LTCBTC.

16.  What are your future plans in the Crypto field?

I have no serious plans for now. The time will show. Currently I still prefer trading commodities like Gold and Silver.

17.  What advice could you give to traders who want to use сryptocurrency pairs as a trading instrument? Are there any keys to success?

Use relative strength of crypto currencies and candlestick patterns in cryptotrading - that's what I've learnt from experience.

ForexCup team would like to congratulate the winner and to thank all of the participants of the "CryptoMania" contest.
We hope to see you again in new ForexCup contests and wish you good luck!

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