True ECN Demo in ForexCup competitions!

We are happy to announce an interesting innovation in ForexCup contests.

We moved competitions’ trading from Market Maker demo to ECN demo. A terminal MetaTrader 4, which is extremely popular among traders, stays as a comfortable trading platform. With the transfer of competitions to demo ECN, traders are able to assess the following advantages:

- The lowest spreads – from 0 points;
- Floating spreads, depending on current market situation;
- 5-digits quotes (5 points after decimal point);
- High speed of orders execution and no requotes;
- Wide range of financial instruments.

Contest trading on demo ECN allows participants to try completely different trading model – trading in the interbank market. Participants can easily earn on scalping – because of low spreads and very accurate quotes. High speed of orders executions will also be helpful. Interbank liquidity simulation will help you to test true ECN trading. Also, we are planning to hold contests where the winner will become a manager of PAMM ECN account with real funds! Participation in ForexCup competitions is an excellent start of your professional Forex trader career. You can easily apply interbank trading skills on your real ECN account in future!

In the nearest future we are planning to add the option of market liquidity depth and LEVEL II data tracking. In the so called “glass of applications” you will see the best BID and ASK prices together with the volume, available at the moment.

You can read more about ECN and differences between ECN and Market Maker here
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