Chinese Forex Championship is over! Who are best traders in the country?

Friday, February 28 was the last trading day in the Chinese Forex Championship. Today we are ready to share all insights of the contest.

Let us remind that the Championship lasted for 8 trading weeks. It offered great prizes – $US 3000, $US 1800 and $US 1200 for the first, second and third places, relatively. In order to pretend for a cash bonus, participants should make just 20% of profit and more.

What is Chinese Championship remarkable for?

  • First of all, the number of participants. 1097 traders from all over the world took part in it (the participation was available for traders from any country, but main prizes were available for Chinese citizens only) ;
  • Secondly, there were imposing prizes. Not each contest provides $US 3000 for the first place;
  • Thirdly, it’s the bonus fund. $US 4000 from FXOpen was divided between 217 traders
  • Fourthly, it was one more reminder that you should be careful with contest rules. For example, one of the participants was pretending for the 2nd place, but unfortunately he didn’t trade the required number of lots and didn’t get the prize. So, be always attentive while reading the rules;
  • And finally, incredible trading atmosphere and the great attention from Forex Market supporters. No doubt, it was worth participating!


And the most important question – who is the best Chinese Trader?

The leader of the Championship is Chuan Feng Lin. During 8 trading weeks he managed to do 1060% of profit! As a reward, the participant got the title of the Best Chinese Trader and $US 3000 as a prize.

Zhongqing Yang received the second place and $US 1800 for 1002% of profit.

The third place and $US 1200 belong to Ping Zheng.


ForexCup team congratulates all winners and bonus holders! We hope that the Chinese Forex Championship provided all of you not only with cash rewards. We are sure that you were able to improve your trading strategies, get some useful experience and upgrade your personal trading skills!

New battles on Forex fields from ForexCup will start soon! Stay tuned!