Results of Contest "PAMM School" Announced

The course at a new free Forex competition "PAMM School" completed on June 23, 2017. 1038 participants competed in the contest. Below are the top 20 best traders. They will receive PAMM STP accounts and the chance to join a new competition on live accounts "Heroes of PAMM". The 1st stage will be held between July 3rd and September 29th, 2017.

Top 20 participants of "PAMM School":

  1. ruslan4ik  (Belarus): account number – 3028654; balance – $686.59;
  2. Mohamad Shukry Bin Amiry (Malaysia): account number – 3027719; balance – $648.72;
  3. luosenren (China): account number – 3028007; balance – $648.57;
  4. konduktor (Russia): account number – 3024127; balance – $603.65;
  5. bedbertto (Russia): account number – 3028072; balance – $600.26;
  6. Mger Arutunan (Russia): account number – 3028271; balance – $593.04;
  7. tagilrull  (Russia): account number – 3028076; balance – $587.53;
  8. rfahtari (Russia): account number – 3027970; balance – $582.14;
  9. gladkiyya (Russia): account number – 3028044; balance – $581.05;
  10. Igor Grishaev (Russia): account number – 3028084; balance – $580.95;
  11. Vicrom (Kazakhstan): account number – 3028050; balance – $578.95;
  12. gwinblein (Russia): account number – 3024006; balance – $577.87;
  13. Andrey Brusov (Russia): account number – 3028125; balance – $573.98;
  14. demren (Ukraine): account number – 3028319; balance – $568.69;
  15.  Vjcheslav Purgin (Russia): account number – 3027840; balance – $555.73;
  16. Gaik Griorian (Russia): account number – 3028274; balance – $550.7;
  17. Interceptor (Malaysia): account number – 3027676; balance – $543.84;
  18. liping (China): account number – 3027758; balance – $520.64;
  19. Prince Henry Emeka Nwaigwe (Nigeria): account number – 3028301; balance – $533.25;
  20.  Aleksandar Milkic (Serbia): account number – 3027711; balance – $505.13.


Important! Some participants weren`t included in the ranking, as they've broken the competition rules (it’s prohibited for one trader to use several accounts from one IP address, to copy other participants’ trading strategies). We remind you that to be eligible to win the contest "PAMM School", your initial deposit has to be increased by at least 20% and the minimum quantity of trades should be no less than 10. Please take into account some restrictions for participants:

  1. the prize-winner of the contest who wishes to participate in "PAMM Schools" further has to skip one contest;
  2. one contestant can get into top-20 winners and receive a prize no more than twice.


ForexCup team is glad to congratulate the winners of the PAMM School on their victory and welcomes you to join a new competition on real accounts "Heroes of PAMM"! Register for the tournament and win the real prize money (1st place - USD 5,000, 2nd place - USD 3,000, 3rd place - USD 2,000). The total prize fund is 10,000 USD.


What you should do to get your prize:

  1. Open an investment account in your FXOpen account. Account currency: USD.
  2. Send its number to [email protected]. Prize USD 200 will be added to your investment account only after you send us an email with the necessary data. You can't withdraw the prize money from your account. It is intended only to open PAMM STP.
  3. After you get a prize you need to open a PAMM STP account and an Offer on your own. Read how to do it here and here. It is prohibited to close all statistic data of your PAMM account (while opening a PAMM account, all checkboxes need to be checked).
  4. Leave an application for the participation in the contest "Heroes of PAMM" with your nickname and your PAMM account number in the contest thread for registration. A participant can't get into the rating without a post with a link to his/ her PAMM account in the contest thread. Please, leave your feedback in the PAMM School thread at the ForexCup forum. You can also discuss the contest results in this thread.