ForexCup Trading Championship 2021 Fundamental

1. Each of the championship participants must have an FXOpen ECN account.

A contestant can use an MT4, MT5, or TickTrader ECN account. The account can be with any of the FXOpen entities with the “FXOpen” trademark, also referred to as “FXOpen”. The account can be a new or existing account.

2. Minimum deposit for participation is $5,000.

The deposit can be made in another currency in the amount equivalent to $5,000.

3. The championship period is from January 1st, 2021 up to December 31st, 2021.

You can register both before and during the championship on any day up to the last day.

4. Funds in the participants' accounts are available for withdrawal at any time.

During the participation in the Championship, any participant can both replenish their trading account and withdraw funds from it. But please note that this may affect your gain (see paragraphs 2 and 4 of the Terms and Conditions document).

5. The winner of the Championship is the Participant who received the largest percentage gain during the Championship Period.

Please note that the results of the completed Championship cannot be revised.

6. Participants can use any strategies permitted by their accounts in order to achieve their goals, and can trade any instruments available in their chosen jurisdiction.

However, a minimum of ten (10) round-turn trades of any contract number, per account, must be placed during the Championship Period in order for the Participant to qualify for a Championship Award.

7. To be considered as a contestant, you and your account must be registered in the Championship.

Your account gain will only be counted from the moment you register for the championship.

You can register here