Feb 16, 2024
ForexCup 2024 Update: A Stunning Turn of Events for Aliaksandr Parkhimovich

The new championship season has begun and we already have something to share with you!

In an unexpected twist in the ForexCup Trading Championship 2024, Aliaksandr Parkhimovich, a leading participant from the early stages of the season, faced a significant setback. Just yesterday, Parkhimovich was leading the standings with an impressive gain of 106%. However, in a dramatic turn of events, his account suffered a substantial drawdown, with gain plummeting to -30%.

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Jan 10, 2024
Ebru Goren Reveals Strategies Behind Her 120% Gain

In the exclusive interview, Ebru Goren, our third-place winner, takes us through her remarkable journey in the ForexCup Trading Championship 2023. With a strategic mindset and unwavering determination, Ebru achieved a substantial gain of 120.83%, securing her spot amongst the elite traders of the competition.

Ebru delves into the methodologies and decision-making processes that guided her through the championship. From handling pressure to making critical decisions, Ebru shares valuable insights that are not just applicable to trading but to life's challenges as well. Enjoy the interview and share your thoughts with us!

Jan 5, 2024
The Secrets of a Champion: an Interview with the FTC Winner Seyit Altuntas

On our YouTube channel, we have a video interview with Seyit Altuntas, a phenomenal Forex trader from Turkey who has recently won his second consecutive ForexCup, achieving an astonishing gain of 2430%.

In this video, Seyit opens up about the challenges he faced, the strategies that led him to success, and his unique approach to managing risks and emotions in the volatile world of Forex trading.

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Jan 3, 2024

FTC 2023 Final Standings: Celebrating Our Champions 🎉

As the 2023 ForexCup Trading Championship concludes, we're thrilled to announce our distinguished winners and celebrate their remarkable achievements.

Seyit Altuntas. Total gain: 2430.24%

Claiming the coveted first place, Seyit Altuntas from Turkey has not only topped the leaderboard but also won a grand prize of $50,000 and a stunning commemorative crystal trophy.

Josue Nauzaya Ngingasa. Total gain: 335.91%

In second place, Josue Nauzaya Ngingasa from South Africa has also earned a commemorative crystal trophy.

Ebru Goren. Total gain: 120.83%

Securing the third spot, Ebru Goren from Turkey has earned a commemorative crystal trophy as well.

While the top three may mirror last year's standings, this season has seen each of our winners significantly enhance their performance. Their success and personal growth are a source of inspiration for all participants and a reflection of the evolving competitive spirit of ForexCup.

Dec 20, 2023
Celebrating the Journey to the 2023 ForexCup Finals

As the finale of ForexCup Trading Championship 2023 draws near, we're excited to reflect on the captivating journey of this season. The top-3 standings mirror last year's, with Seyit Altuntas, Josue Nauzaya Ngingasa, and Ebru Goren leading again, an intriguing repeat that underscores not just a coincidence, but a deeper, inspiring progression.

These traders have remarkably exceeded their previous year's achievements, showcasing significant growth in total gain despite challenges.

Seyit Altuntas soared from 826.91% in 2022 to an astounding 2321.58% in 2023.

Josue Nauzaya Ngingasa leaped from 65.75% to 365.13%, and            

Ebru Goren's growth from 56.88% to 128.49% is equally commendable.

Their journey is a testament to the FTC philosophy – a platform not just for competition, but for evolution, learning, and pushing boundaries. We're immensely proud of their growth and resilience this season, aligning with our foundational goals of nurturing trader development.

As we look forward to the 2024 season, we invite traders who are confident and eager for growth to join our community!