Sep 25, 2023
Seyit Altuntas Sets Another Record

Seyit Altuntas from Turkey continues to dazzle in the ForexCup Trading Championship, setting an unprecedented total gain record of 2014.66%. Altuntas's phenomenal performance is setting new benchmarks and adding excitement to this year's championship.

In other news, we're pleased to welcome a fresh face to the championship lineup. Sergey Melnik has entered the fray with his PAMM account, adding to the diverse pool of talents competing this year.

The championship management extends a warm welcome to Sergey and wishes every participant, both new and returning, outstanding performances as we approach the climactic final months of FTC 2023. Stay tuned for more updates and sign up to compete with the best!

Sep 4, 2023
Standings update: Long Vuong's comeback

Long Vuong from Canada has surged back into the standings, securing the third spot with an impressive 50.86% gain. After a notable absence from the top echelons, we are elated to see Vuong making a stellar comeback. As the competition heats up, Vuong is poised to challenge for the second spot, which is currently held by Josue Nauzaya Ngingasa from South Africa. Ngingasa, not resting on his laurels, has further enhanced his portfolio, showcasing a remarkable 219.03% gain. Dominating the leaderboard and continuing his reign at the top is Seyit Altuntas, boasting an astronomical 1695.4% gain.

The shifts in standings underscore the dynamic nature of the ForexCup Trading Championship, proving that with the right strategy, contenders can shine at any stage. Join FTC 2023 and compete with the best!

Aug 14, 2023
Standings Update: Ebru Goren Bounces Back

Ebru Goren from Turkey has made a sensational comeback this season. After facing a substantial 80% drawdown at the outset, Goren posted an eye-catching total gain. This impressive feat has catapulted her back into the top 5 of the FTC.

We are delighted to witness Goren's resilience and determination. Now ranked sixth in the FTC Rating, she's poised to potentially clinch the second spot in the top 5. As of now, the second position is held by Josue Nauzaya Ngingasa of South Africa, who boasts a total gain of 171%. The first place remains firmly in the grasp of Seyit Altuntas, with a staggering gain of 1418%.

This championship is testimony to the fact that, regardless of where one stands, with the right strategy, anything is achievable.

Ready to test your mettle against the best? Join in and stake your claim at the top!

Aug 7, 2023
Spectacular 1200% Gain Breaks New Record

This season has been marked by another breakthrough achievement. Seyit Altuntas from Turkey, currently leading the Championship, has shattered expectations and previous records with an astonishing 1200% gain.

We are thrilled to witness such outstanding performance. Seyit's success is an extraordinary representation of what persistent strategy, in-depth knowledge, and skillful execution can achieve.

With the Championship still in full swing, the door remains wide open for more breakthroughs and surprises. Remember, it's not about how you start, but how you finish. There is always a chance for anyone to win, and this year's exceptional performance by Seyit Altuntas certainly proves this.

The ForexCup Trading Championship has always been a platform where potential is unlocked, strategies are tested, and champions are made. Now, with this incredible record on the board, it's more exhilarating than ever. If you believe in your trading strategy, have the will to learn, and the courage to compete, seize this opportunity and step into the thrilling world of FTC 2023.

Jul 28, 2023
Introducing New Contestant with a PAMM account: Larry Grant

We are delighted to announce the addition of esteemed trader and PAMM master, Larry David Grant to the competition. With over 30 years in the financial markets, Grant is a seasoned business executive with international experience spanning management consulting, education, training, and business development. His extensive knowledge and experience make him a formidable player in the championship.

Grant's career in the finance sector has been marked by significant positions such as Investment Analyst at GNI London and Director of Systems Development at CMC Asset Management. Further, he transitioned into entrepreneurship, founding Tick Trend LLP, which eventually evolved into Tick Trend Ltd.

Grant's influence extends beyond just the traditional financial world. He is also heavily involved in the burgeoning Web3 and Blockchain space, further expanding his knowledge base and technical expertise. Not only is Larry well-versed in the international market, having conducted business throughout Europe, the US, Asia, and Africa, but he also boasts linguistic abilities, with basic fluency in Spanish and French and a working knowledge of German.

As an Associate of the Chartered Insurance Institute with a specialty in risk analysis and a member of the Society of Technical Analysts, Grant is poised to bring a unique blend of practical knowledge, strategic analysis, and innovative strategies to the ForexCup Trading Championship.

We eagerly anticipate the unique insights and competitive edge Larry Grant will bring to this season.