Prieur du Plessis was one of the first participants to register in the ForexCup Trading Championship 2021 and the first one to lead our highest gain standings. At the moment, he is still steadily holding his position among the top five con...
Participant interview: Emirhan Gören
We continue to introduce you to the ForexClub Trading Championship 2021 contestants. This time we are proud to present Emirhan Gören from Turkey, one of the most high-performance traders of the Championship, who demonstrated gains of more than 230%. In a quick round of quest...

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FTC founder interview: Sergey Shirko
We will soon bring to your attention an interview with Sergei Shirko, the founder and manager of the ForexCup Trading Championship. Sergey talked about the value FTC offers participants, his vision for the community of professional traders, and the awards for the FTC 2021 winners. Stay tuned!