A close race in the standings

The competition for the third-place spot in our standings is heating up. The battle for the bronze is being fiercely contested, and these traders are showing incredible skills and determination. Let's take a closer look at the top contenders:

Long Vuong from Canada: 72.43% daily gain

Fransiska Selbie from the UK: 52.18% daily gain

Larry Grant from the UK: 43.13% daily gain

While the competition for third place is captivating, the first place is still firmly held by Seyit Altuntas from Turkey. Seyit continues to impress with a championship record daily gain of a staggering 2225.56%! He's setting the bar high for all the competitors, showing what's possible in the world of Forex trading.

If you've been contemplating joining the championship, it’s not too late! Even in the last months of the third season, the standings are constantly changing, and opportunities abound for traders of all levels to showcase their skills and learn from the best.