A word from organizers

When we launched the FTC, we certainly hoped for the attention of traders and dreamed for a community to form around the championship. But seeing our ideas become reality with our own eyes is an incomparable feeling.

24 traders from 18 countries with 47 accounts participated in the 2022 season. And we thank each of them for their support of the championship, their trust in the organizers and the inspiration they give to future generations of traders.

Seyit Altuntas (Turkey),  Josue Nauzaya Ngingasa (South Africa),  Ebru Goren (Turkey), Prieur Du Plessis (Slovenia), Yu Chuin Chai (Malaysia), Andrea Marenda (Switzerland), Michael Smith (Canada), Jiri Jahna (Czech Republic), Tomas Kaderavek (Czech Republic), Ors Torzsok (Hungary), Emirhan Goren (Turkey), Fransiska Selbie (United Kingdom), Eduardo Soares Bogosian (Brazil), Ashish Gupta (India), Giuliano Scaglioni (Italy), Long Vuong (Canada), Toivo Valtteri Melkko (Spain), David Xavier Gerard Caujolle (France), Julius Ico Gatmaitan (Philippines), Horbert Soares Mendonca (Brazil), Yanrong Wu (China), Hong Ling Huang (Canada), Gernot Eisbacher (Austria), Andrei Civga (Moldova).

Several participants have already registered for the third season. Join FTC and compete with the best!