Championship Ranking Updated: Meet the Top Traders Across Seasons

The ForexCup Trading Championship has just updated its profile rankings to reflect the latest results from participants across all seasons. Join us in celebrating the outstanding performances of these top traders:

FTC Rating 1 — Seyit Altuntas from Turkey
FTC Rating 2 — Emirhan Gören from Turkey
FTC Rating 3 — Josue Nauzaya Ngingasa from South Africa
FTC Rating 4 — Ebru Gören from Turkey
FTC Rating 5 — Busra Ozden from Turkey
FTC Rating 6 — Fransiska Selbie from United Kingdom
FTC Rating 7 — Eduardo Soares Bogosian from Brazil
FTC Rating 8 — Prieur Du Plessis from Slovenia
FTC Rating 9 — Chai Yu Chuin from Malaysia

These traders have demonstrated exceptional trading skills and have consistently delivered impressive results throughout their participation in the championship.

If you're passionate about trading and eager to test your skills against the best, now is the perfect time to join the ForexCup Trading Championship! Don't miss out on the opportunity to learn, grow, and compete alongside these talented traders.