Experienced PAMM Manager Evgeny Gavrilov Joins Forex Cup Trading Championship 2024

The Forex Cup Trading Championship 2024 welcomes a seasoned participant and PAMM manager, Evgeny Gavrilov, to its ranks. With a PAMM account management history dating back to 2020, Mr. Gavrilov has demonstrated consistent performance, boasting only two losing months per year on average.

Evgeny, who began trading forex in 2015, transitioned to professional trading around 2019, making forex his primary source of income. Utilizing automated trading strategies, Evgeny emphasizes the adaptability of trading strategies into effective trading robots. Despite his background as an engineer in electric power engineering, Evgeny acquired his trading skills through self-learning and extensive exploration of forex-related blogs, forums, and literature.

Beyond forex, Evgeny also engages in trading cryptocurrencies and stocks, showcasing his versatility across multiple financial markets. However, his primary focus remains on achieving stable long-term results, distinguishing himself among traders who have made trading their livelihood.

With his proven track record and comprehensive approach to trading, Evgeny is poised to make a notable impact on the Forex Cup Trading Championship 2024. Enroll now to compete with the best!