Important updates about our PAMM service

We are excited to announce that we have reached an agreement with FXOpen Markets Ltd to integrate their PAMM service with the Championship. Our primary goal is to encourage individuals, who possess such accounts, to participate in the Championship. Thus, people from all corners of the globe will be able to follow the best strategies of the championship leaders

To accomplish this, we have implemented requirements for new PAMM accounts, which aim to disclose more information about Masters (traders) in order to build greater trust with potential Followers.

Specifically, we now mandate that account names correspond to the actual names of the account holders. Additionally, prospective Masters must complete a survey to verify their relevant experience and capabilities before opening a PAMM account. We expect that in the future each Master will have their own profile with information about them.

We took this step to increase Follower's confidence in PAMM Masters, and we are convinced that this will benefit both participants and followers of the championship. Stay tuned for more exciting news to follow soon. And, of course, sign up to compete with the best and become the best!