Insights into Fransiska Selbie's Trading Journey

After persistent efforts to connect with one of our standout contestants, Fransiska Selbie from United Kingdom, we're excited to share some interesting details.

Fransiska has garnered attention with her exceptional performance in the FTC, securing a spot in the top 5 with a gain of 52.42%. As a devoted housewife, she also boasts an impressive 16-year history in active trading. When asked about her most prominent achievements in the domain, she modestly shared, "I have very low expectations. For me, if I can still make a profit every year, it's an achievement. I'm just doing it for fun, looking for something to do. I'm a housewife, so I trade in my free time."

We want to highlight our satisfaction in observing such a sound and realistic approach from our fellow trader. Without inflating expectations, self-made Fransiska methodically works towards a result, embodying the essence of trading. We can only hope that as many traders as possible will adopt this approach, bringing a refreshing perspective to the trading community. Our heartfelt thanks to Francisca for being a true source of inspiration.

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