Standings Update: Ebru Goren Bounces Back

Ebru Goren from Turkey has made a sensational comeback this season. After facing a substantial 80% drawdown at the outset, Goren posted an eye-catching total gain. This impressive feat has catapulted her back into the top 5 of the FTC.

We are delighted to witness Goren's resilience and determination. Now ranked sixth in the FTC Rating, she's poised to potentially clinch the second spot in the top 5. As of now, the second position is held by Josue Nauzaya Ngingasa of South Africa, who boasts a total gain of 171%. The first place remains firmly in the grasp of Seyit Altuntas, with a staggering gain of 1418%.

This championship is testimony to the fact that, regardless of where one stands, with the right strategy, anything is achievable.

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