The new page with trader profiles is online now!

We a glad to present the Trader Profiles page, that provides the rating of participants based on their performance in three seasons of FTC. The rating currently includes 6 participants who made it to the top 5 according to the results of previous seasons.

This new rating system aims to showcase the top-performing traders in the competition and provide valuable insights into their trading strategies. The rating will be revised no more than once every three months based on the results of the current season, ensuring that it remains up-to-date and accurate.

We have set a maximum limit of 20 participants who can be included in the rating at any given time. This will ensure that only the most skilled and consistent traders are featured. With this new feature, ForexCup Trading Championship aims to provide more transparency and recognition for the top-performing traders. Check out the page now, and enroll now to compete with some of the most prominent traders of today!