Update on PAMM accounts participating in FTC

In a bid to provide increased participation avenues and amplify the benefits of the ForexCup Trading Championship, we're excited to share an update on our recent integration with the FXOpen Markets Ltd PAMM service. This integration enables PAMM accounts to participate in ForexCup, allowing not only the traders but also the followers to benefit from the championship results.

A great example of the potential benefits this partnership has unlocked is the account of Larry Grant. Mr. Grant opened his account on June 25 and simultaneously registered with ForexCup. Within a mere span of months, he has manifested an impressive 35% gain, positioning him at the notable 6th place in the overall championship rankings and an even more commendable 2nd in the PAMM ranking for the quarter. Curious about Larry's trading acumen and background? Dive deep into his profile here.

For those inspired by Mr. Grant's strategy and are considering participation, he currently presents three distinctive offers:

  • LargeInvestor: An Initial Assignment of USD 20,000 with a Performance Fee of 30%.
  • MediumInvestor: An Initial Assignment of USD 5,000 with a Performance Fee of 35%.
  • SmallInvestor: An Initial Assignment of USD 1,000 with a Performance Fee of 40%.

Please be advised: Investments of this nature always carry inherent risks. We strongly emphasize this fact and advise all participants and followers  to proceed with caution and due diligence.